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In this stand-alone companion book to The Coming of the Dragon, 16-year-old Hild has to decide what’s most important to her, honor or happiness. Those who have read Dragon will meet new characters and see some familiar faces from a new perspective. Readers new to Hild’s world will meet a girl who knows how to wield a sword, but whose job is to weave peace between two warring kingdoms.

"Barnhouse has woven a fantasy that is full of bravery, adventure, and magic. . . . The pacing of the story remains steady throughout with a nice balance of the protagonist’s introspective struggles combined with nerve-wracking suspense. A thoroughly enjoyable read."
--Elizabeth C. Johnson, School Library Journal.

"Hild is a satisfyingly complex character, both committed to peace and desperate to avoid exile . . . Although it depends not a whit on the previous book, it may well drive new readers to it, so they can spend more time in this fascinating, distant place."

"This vigorous Norse saga is rich in details of medieval Scandinavian life, and Hild grows convincingly from a naive, judgmental girl into an honorable, capable warrior-queen as her prowess is tested against both monstrous creatures and all-too-human traitors. Give this to readers of epic fantasy, historical fiction, and Viking mythology."
--Krista Hutley, Booklist

"Fantasy readers will enjoy this epic journey with a strong female protagonist. Rich Viking mythology provides a captivating framework as readers witness Hild's growth from a pampered young lady into a brave and honorable future queen."
--Jessica Miller, VOYA

"This heroine's journey is absolutely, completely awesome."
--The Book Smugglers (click here to read entire review)

"Peaceweaver, like The Coming of the Dragon, is absolutely top notch historical fantasy."
--Charlotte’s Library (click here to read entire review)

“Entrancing! Barnhouse weaves a web of magic and treachery that will ensnare you.”
--Cinda Williams Chima, bestselling author of the Heir Chronicles and the Seven Realms series

Peaceweaver is splendid historical fantasy. Barnhouse’s sure-footed prose and intricate world building deftly evoke a time of ancient magics, perilous journeys, and thrilling tales spun by firelight. Highly recommended.”
--Elizabeth C. Bunce, winner of the Morris Award; author of A Curse Dark as Gold and StarCrossed

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Random House hardcover, 2012
ISBN 978-0-375-86766-8

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